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Saturday, 8/5, I called the demolition contractor to verify when he'd be here Monday morning. He said we were sandwiched in between two other jobs and would be Thursday, or maybe Wednesday afternoon. That was fine with me.

Wednesday he calls and says the rain had slowed up the previous job and it might be as late as late Thursday afternoon. Thursday I skip a meeting thinking, even if they don't get any work done, they might want to bring their equipment by. They didn't.

Friday morning I call in that I'll be late for work. About 9:00 he calls and says they wanted him to pull a stump and it would be that afternoon. Thinking I may have to come home by 1:00, I grab my stuff and dash out the door to accomplish as much at work as I can. At 10:30 he calls to say they won't be coming Friday, would it be OK for them to work Saturday or should they wait 'til Monday? I say "I'll see you Saturday morning." It's just as well, since I end up staying until 4:30 on my "half-day".

Port-a-Jon delivered 8/9
Patricia checks out the new facilites. And conveniently by the front door, too.
August 13, 2005

Check out the demo pictures.

The Demo Man is here. He pulls up just as I'm buttering my first waffle and Patricia is still in bed. 

He checks over what I left and finds an old propane cylinder which is a no-no. I warn him about the power. While the shed had its own circuit, the carport light had a 3-way switch from in the kitchen and was on one of the legacy house circuits. When I switch that off, it kills half the computer room, the bedroom, and the air conditioner blower. 

After he starts getting the debris cleared away, he digs the cable out of the pile and tapes it off. The circuit breaker holds and the lights come on, but the GFCI on the porch refuses to reset and everything downstream of it is still off. That includes my computer and the bedroom.

I've figured out that if I take the switch in the kitchen out of the circuit, there's no way for there to be any power in the construction area. I also assume the GFCI has been blown and replace it with a standard receptacle. Now the house power is back to normal.

Heavy equipment construction must be a good job. Two men drove up in two dump trucks. While Man 1 operated the Cat, the other sat on top of his cab and watched. Then Man 2 had to drive the load to the landfill. While he was gone, did Man 1 bring the other truck in and fill it up? Of course not, he took a 45-minute break.


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