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Friday, August 26

They're pouring the footings. There's a "C"-shaped trench (no footings under the garage door) and the concrete truck backs up to the front edge of the trench. With their longest chute, it comes a few feet short of the back part of the trench. No problem: raise the chute up and put the truck in high. The "waterfall" of concrete hits just on the lip of the trench and flows on in.

The concrete was very soupy and they were able to flow it into the entire perimeter from about 3 pouring points. A quick swish with the float to ensure it's level to the painted marks and that there is no aggregate on the surface and they're done. Elapsed time, maybe an hour.

Considering the solidity of our soil, I was not surprised that they didn't need forms. However, I was expecting at least some mesh, if not rebar; but there is no steel in our footings. 




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