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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We got our first inspection today! Unfortunately, it reads "FAILURE"!

You have to back up a little to appreciate this. Tuesday morning, the footing excavator came and dug a trench where they will pour our footings. Then, in about an hour Tuesday afternoon, we got 1-1/2" of rain. Since Charlotte soil doesn't "perk", on Wednesday morning we still had a moat.

The contractor sent a guy by at 7:00 to pump it out, but it still was too soggy when the inspector came. By Thursday they cleaned up again and it had dried out enough to pass inspection. 

Once the hole is approved, they're ready to fill it up before it rains again.

Thursday, September 1, the contractor asks me to alert them when a load of bricks and mortar comes. Friday afternoon, I call that they can alert the mason.
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