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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Maybe we can get it to look like a house, now.

Last week we came home to piles of dirt and stone dust just inside the gate. Inside the foundation was a jumble hillocks where each excavator had shoved dirt around, a big chunk of concrete from the old foundation, and even some sod showing through. Monday we came home and it was all smoothed out with a plastic vapor barrier on top.

There was also stone dust covering some, but not all, of the new driveway and a good bit of the yard. I called the project supervisor, concerned that they thought that would be the area to pave. He reassured me that they just spread out the left over to cut down on mud.

Wednesday I watched the webcam and saw that it took 2 concrete trucks to pour the slab. When I got home; there was an old man sitting, waiting to smooth it every 15 minutes or so. By the time Patricia got here it was to late to add our handprints. We'll have to anoint it with paint.


Thursday, the supervisor came and carefully covered the slab with felt so the framers wouldn't track on our nice clean, smooth floor. Friday we had a 15-minute storm that blew the felt off half the slab.


All week they've been delivering the pieces of our garage. We've got some serious beams I'll be interested in seeing them raise.

Sunday morning the framers showed up about 9:00. I sent them away. We'd told the contractor no Sunday work. I also asked them not to come before 8:00 on Saturday.

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