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The hot storage product of the decade is the PODSŪ for "Portable On Demand Storage" and their imitators (who I could not find when I was shopping for mine). This is a box that the company drops off a truck at your location that you can fill at your convenience. Once filled; you can either leave it where it sits, have the company take it to their warehouse, or ship it across the country to your new home.


The PODS delivery schedule. I ordered their largest box -- 8 x 8 x 16 ft. Unfortunately, I have to deal with the contents of a 12 x 26 ft storage room plus the 20 x 26 ft carport which barely holds one car at the moment.


The carport - original
The carport
The storage room - original
The storage room
July 24, 2005. It may not look like much, but I've made good progress towards cleaning out the middle area of the storage room and have lots of empty space still in the PODS. Plus, I've made two trips to the county disposal center getting rid of 2 computers and one monitor each time, as well as some trash and recyclable metal scrap.

Unfortunately, this busy weekend is followed by 3 days of 100 degree ozone code orange or red weather. That's only broken by another 3 days of intermittent rain and downpours. If you're outside for a random half hour, you're guaranteed to get soaked.

Storage room - after 1 day cleanup
The storage room
The PODS - after 1 day cleanup

As I'm packing up, I carefully sort everything and diligently label the boxes of similar items.

Well labeled boxes

The story will continue ... Once I finally get it cleaned out, I'm impressed. Everything I kept is in here and there's still room to turn around ... barely. I've got a small bench I can sidle down by and can get to most of my tools. Some tools apparently got buried and won't surface until we unpack.

Of course, the lawnmower, grill, and yard tools will just have to sit out in the rain.

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