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No, that picture at the right is what we started out with. How embarrassing -- that looks like it belongs on a farm. At the top is the current view. Check out more recent and archived pictures from the webcam. (Depending on how many pictures I'm showing, it may be slow to load.)

The original garage
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Start over


A brick foundation
A slab

Footings coming
Digging the footing
Pouring concrete

The TV cable

Demolition (all pictures, slow load)
Activity starts



Actually, it all started while we were rearranging furniture in the house and Patricia said "You really need more space for your office. Let's build a two-story garage and you can have the upstairs." I certainly didn't complain at the prospect of having space for a testbed network, plus clear bench space for customers' computers. 

There are at least 4 construction projects going on at any time on our square block, so we'd fit right in. Comparatively, our plan is modest compared to one neighbor's new garage. And it doesn't hurt that one of my clients is a homebuilder. He recommended we look for plans on a website and we found a drawing we liked as the starting point.

Design drawings are Acrobat .PDF files.

Archived drawings

Elevation 67 KB
Floor Plan
151 KB

Files in RED were recently updated: 9/18. The next step is to worry about government paperwork. That's all the contractor's responsibility. Right about this time, Patricia hit some gravel in our driveway on her bike and broke her hip. So much for the plan to let the spalling concrete driveway ride as it was.

After an 8-week delay, we ordered some buildable drawings and signed a contract. Now we have to clear out the existing garage so the demolition crew can come in. Fortunately, the demo guy said just to leave anything we don't want and he'll haul it off with the construction debris.

Off topic

Ain't technology fun?

A hurricane runs into our web servers


August 2, 2005 We now have a drop dead date. The bulldozers are coming possibly as early as Monday, August 8. Unfortunately, I also have a drop dead date to complete a project at work before a vice president comes -- Aug 8. Plus, we're going to Greenville that weekend; so I have to finish on Thursday and Friday afternoon.

The good news is that I have removed everything that's going in boxes. Now I have to disassemble the fixtures (lights) and check if there's anything of value in the rafters. There's actually breathing space in the PODS, but I don't know what I will do with several units of metal shelving. Although I may decide they're too beat up to go in a new building, I would like the option. But they won't fit in the PODS (assembled) and I'm afraid they'd suffer too much in the weather if I left them on the ground.

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