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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today they dug the footings. Two men came with their cute little excavator. First thing they did was to lay out the foundation. We had marked the approximate corners and they started from one flag and measured off the dimensions. Then they read the diagonals off the CAD drawings to square it up. (I helped hold the tape, so there are no pictures of this.) A little paint on the ground and they're ready to dig.

No batter-boards and strings here. Set up a laser transit, find the low spot, and dig 'til it beeps. In less than 2 hours, they're out of there.

The contractor says he's used this guy's father and grandfather for years. I bet his grandfather spent a little more time at the site!

There was just one slight problem, though. They found the TV cable that had been buried just 2 months ago.



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