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We don't have cable TV. But the TV Cable company (Time-Warner) provides our internet and telephone service.

When TW first put the cable in, in 1999, they just laid it across the roof of the old garage. At that time, I questioned their technique but decided it wasn't my problem. 

When we started this project, I asked TW what they were going to do about the cable. After only three calls over two months, they said they would bury it at no cost to me. That sounded good, so I put flags for the approximate outside edge of the building.

When the cable contractor came, his command of English was not the best. I tried to explain we would be doing construction "here", but he chose the easiest route and ran it right through the foundation line. I figured we might be able to cope since I knew exactly where it was, even though it was only 10 inches deep. While I could still see his slit in the ground, I carefully marked the exact location. Unfortunately, over the next two months, the markings wore off and my exact location became a 2 foot range. That estimate fell off even more when I no longer had the old building to sight against.

When the footing excavator came in I pointed out the area where the cable was, three times. I didn't watch as he was digging there, but the supervisor said they poked around a little and the excavator was combing gently with his machine. Then he shouted out "I found it" and pulled up his bucket -- with 2 pieces of cable.

The next day, TW came out and reran the cable. This time, they said they'd leave it on the surface of the yard until we finished construction. I tied some orange tape to it, and then decided they left enough slack I could hang it in the tree to get it completely off the ground. The lowest is now a well-marked 6-1/2 feet high so workers can move supplies and I can mow without snagging it.

9/7 So, what did they do? One day after the foundation I went out to mow the grass and noticed something missing -- no more cable hanging or on the ground. 

They had recently set the pole for the temporary electrical service. Apparently they needed to get a truck into the garden and couldn't figure out they could just untie the cable and let it lie on the ground. Instead, someone buried it -- by the shortest route (blue line) that happens to be right where they will have to grade away from the building and for the new driveway.

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Not only is the cable now presumably in harms way, but the trencher dripped oil all the way from the street, up the driveway and the full length of the back yard.



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